Responses to our Customber Survey
- December 2006 -

QUESTION : Since purchasing your SELECT double-cut band sawmill,
would you ever go back to a single-cut bandmill?

    x "Very satisfied with the mill. We hope to own another in the near future." - Greg Lewis
    x No comment provided - Oliver Rikard
    x "In the log home business we are always cutting part-way through logs and backing the blade out, this can't be done with single cut saws." - Jamie Schuler
    x No comment provided - Ricky Sparks
    x No comment provided - John Kring
    x No comment provided - Bill Ottewell
    x «Une simple-coupe n'est pas assez productive.»- Michel Gagné
(translation : "A single-cut band sawmill is not productive enough.")
    x «Non, jamais.»- Hubert Laurin
(translation : "No, never.")
    x No comment provided - Brian Schafer
    x "The capabilities of this machine surpass all others." - Jeffrey Schuker
    x "SELECT is a cut above excellence." - Ted Gomes
    x No comment provided - Bill Dunlop
    x «Vitesse» - Guy Duhamel
(translation : "Speed")
    x "Double-cut is a must. Single cut is for re-saws. We prefer wide bandsaws. We send a lot of product to our local dry kiln facility and see numerous wane on boards. In our area, we have tons of small sawmills using 2" bands and once customers have seen our sawmill, they stay with us." - Don Gonsalvez
  x   "Never say never." - Name undisclosed
    x «Un simple-coupe est une perte de temps» - Éric Rivest
(translation : "A single cut band sawmill is a waste of time.")
    x "For the present application, no we would not go back to a single-cut bandmill." - Ted Lewis
    x «Je ne l'ai jamais utilisé» - François Delorme
(translation : "I've never used one")
    x «Pour une question de rentabilité» - Marcel Brêches
(translation : "For a question of profitability.")
x     «Nous n'avons jamais eu de scierie simple-coupe.» - Régis Nadeau
(translation : "We've never owned a single cut band sawmill.")
x     «Pas encore en operation.» - Name undisclosed
(translation : "Not in operation yet.")
    x «Simple-coupe = baisse de production = frais de main d'oeuvre à la hausse.» - Benoît Busque
(translation : "Single-cut band sawmill = less productivity = increased labour costs.")
    x No comment provided - Richard Sweeney
    x "When I was in the market to buy a sawmill, I wanted one that could produce quality material, was completely portable and unlike any other in the region. The SELECT double-cut band sawmill allows me to complete a job twice as fast as my competition, no matter how big. It has fulfilled my expectations as well as left my customers impressed and satisfied." - McKim Mitchell
    x "More productive and more reliable." - Fred Pratt
  x   No comment provided - Marcel Cossette
    x No comment provided - Adalbert Blais
    x "We are extremly happy with our mill, production is good, and breakdowns are minimal." - Fred Neuffer
    x "Have never owned a bandmill before but with all the research we have done." - Nick Dworyk
    x "I would only revert to a single cut for a non-production." - Matt Loken
    x "Why saw one way when you can saw both ways. Time is money." - Name undisclosed
x     "Don't know - have not used saw that much." - Name undisclosed
    x No comment provided - George Donnelly
    x "Ability to handle the diverse demands of our business." - Cyril Jacob

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